The Lowest Cost Bankruptcy Guaranteed

Bankruptcy should be affordable. That’s why my normal rate for a no-asset chapter 7 bankruptcy case is $1,199 plus expenses (the majority of bankruptcies fall within this category). In addition, I also offer the Larson Law Office Lowest Price Guarantee. What is the lowest price guarantee? It’s exactly what it says – I guarantee that I will beat any attorney’s price by at least $50 or I will give you a $50 gift card of your choice.1

Even if your case does not fall within the category of a “no-asset” chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is usually only a little more expensive when assets are involved, although the specific amount would depend on your specific circumstances. There are also times when a chapter 13 bankruptcy is more appropriate. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, I can answer your questions about bankruptcy and explain your options. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should call 480-459-6080 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

1 The lowest price guarantee is offered only on the following conditions:
A. You must present a valid offer from an attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona for similar services to what I offer. My offer with the lowest price guarantee is to represent you to the conclusion of your chapter 7 bankruptcy.
B. The lowest price guarantee is for a “no-asset” chapter 7 bankruptcy only. The majority of bankruptcies fall within this category; however, this offer does not apply to a case involving non-exempt assets. To find out what these terms mean, and if your bankruptcy qualifies, please call to schedule a free initial consultation.
C. The lowest price guarantee is for the attorney fee only. There are other expenses involved with a bankruptcy that cannot be avoided, including the filing fee charged by the bankruptcy court, the cost of obtaining credit
reports in most cases, and the cost of completing required classes. These additional expenses are excluded from
the lowest price guarantee so that the attorney fees can be compared on their own.