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I understand that running a business involves great risk and sacrifice, but it is also extremely rewarding. My goal is to help business owners as an advisor and partner who has the success of your business in mind.

Is divorce inevitable?

If so, you need help from an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney to guide you through the process. Attorney Robert Larson has successfully helped many people going through divorce. Contact the Larson Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

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Need relief from debt?

If debt is weighing you down, call the Larson Law Office today to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to learn what relief is available through bankruptcy. The consultation is fee, so there is nothing to lose – except your debt.

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Is family court in your future?

If you are in family court for any type of case, you need an experienced and successful family law attorney by your side. Contact the Larson Law Office today to schedule a consultation and know your rights.

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Larson Law Office

Robert Larson

My name is Robert Larson, and I am an attorney with the Larson Law Office. I started the Larson Law Office in 2010 to serve people who need legal help the most. That is why I primarily focus on helping people going through bankruptcy or family law matters such as divorce, custody (called legal decision making and parenting time in Arizona), child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), dividing assets and debts, grandparents rights, modifications of court orders, enforcement of court orders, severance of parental rights, juvenile dependency,
adoptions, and all other areas of family law in Arizona.

I have helped hundreds of clients with successful results over the years. I also believe it is important to offer my services at affordable rates because even if you get great results, it may not be great value if you have to overpay for legal fees. My goal is to deliver top quality legal representation at a cost-efficient rate so that clients get the greatest value possible.

I take a client-focused perspective throughout the process. I strive to have satisfied clients by not only delivering excellent results but also with frequent and effective communication throughout your case. My goal is for my clients to rate my client service as an “11 out of 11.” I may not always achieve that goal, but I will try. You may notice that my rating scale goes beyond the normal range of 1-10. That is on purpose. If other attorneys are rated on a scale of 1-10, then even if they give their best client service possible, they can still only go to a 10. They have no room for improvement once they max out at 10. With my scale of 1-11, I have that extra level of client service that I can potentially accomplish. I have the ability to go one step further. Which is better, a 10 or 11? I don’t think I need to answer that.

In addition to my primary focus on family law and bankruptcy, I am also experienced in criminal defense, DUI defense, personal injury, probate, and civil litigation. If you need a lawyer, or even think you might need one, contact me today to schedule a consultation so I can evaluate your situation, analyze your options, and develop a winning strategy for you. There is no cost or obligation for the phone call.

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I came to see Robert Larson of the Larson Law Office because my debt was overwhelming. He not only helped me eliminate my debts through bankruptcy, but he was always willing to meet with me and answer my questions and ease my stress through that difficult time. He allowed me to make payments on a schedule that I could afford, which was a great help also. I definitely recommend talking to Robert Larson to anyone who is thinking about bankruptcy.


I was most impressed with Robert Larson as my legal representative!
Robert was always prepared, timely, and well mannered too.
Although his services were needed late in my case, he never waivered. He was there for me whenever I had a questions and made me feel as though I was his only client.
Robert had the ability to point out inconsistencies in the oppositions case, then, he would inform me how these inconsistencies could be viewed by the judge. He would also point out the possible outcomes, of as a result of those inconsistencies.
Robert was very detail oriented which made a huge difference in the outcome of my case.
Robert is a compassionate person with the ability to put himself in the client's position, which I feel is a unique attribute in a lawyer!
Robert's fees were very reasonable too!
I will be recommending Robert Larson to anyone who has any legal issues and needs an attorney with heart, as well as the drive to get the job done and done well!


I was representing myself in a difficult divorce and losing badly before I hired Robert Larson to represent me. My wife was asking for a huge amount of money from me that I could not afford. Her attorney was aggressively pursuing sanctions against me for contempt of court as well. Without much time before trial, Robert quickly organized a large amount of evidence and was prepared to defend me at trial. We won on every major issue, which would have been impossible on my own. Robert always kept me informed on what was happening with my case and answered my questions and charged a reasonable amount for his work. I even did a bankruptcy with him after the divorce. I would definitely recommend Robert Larson to any person who needs an attorney for family law or bankruptcy.


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