I have participated in numerous settlement meetings over the years and helped many clients achieve great results.

I am always willing to help my clients resolve their cases out of court. We can often finalize a case quickly without unnecessary time and money being spent on litigation. By resolving your case through mediation, you also prevent a stranger who does not know you or your family (otherwise known as a judge) from making huge decisions that will affect your family. Additionally, most people are happier with their results when they resolve their case through mediation as opposed to a trial in court. There are always going to be compromises in any settlement, but it is usually worth a try to see if you can get a good result without going to court.

I also work in the role of a mediator at times. With the Larson Law Office, I represent clients in their legal issues, but I also created Arizona Divorce Solutions to offer my services as a mediator to parties attempting to mediate divorces or any other family law issues. My expertise in helping people resolve their disputes allows me to provide great value to parties who are interested in trying mediation. Mediation can be done at any stage of the process. So whether you are thinking of filing a case, if you have a trial scheduled, or even if you have already
completed your case and need to go back to court, mediation can be an extremely valuable option. If you are interested in having me mediate your case, please take a look at my and schedule a time for mediation. Please note that if I mediate your case, I cannot represent you in litigation. Similarly, if I have represented you at some time, or have spoken with you about possible representation, I will not be able to act as a neutral mediator for you.

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